Make up your own cars


We will show you engineering , using everyday materials. You will build machines, catapults, and mechanical arms.
You will learn how to make a variety of structures from improvised materials. Will help develop logical thinking, which will come in handy for your child in the future.
Create amazing machines with things you find at home!


What will a child learn?
– To look for materials and tools for crafts.
– To design a future craft.
– Create simple mechanisms.
– Generate creative ideas.
– To implement the idea into life.

Children are restless, sometimes they do such things that even parents can not cope with them. How to calm down, calm the baby, to instill in him perseverance, patience and a new hobby that would help develop? These are the questions many parents are asking. The answer was found by the experts of the project “Kraftkid”, within the framework of which was prepared an interesting and exciting online course, how to make a car from improvised materials.

Crafts from improvised materials – this is a great opportunity to captivate your child with a useful activity in the process of play. You do not need to buy special materials. All the parts for the constructor, the child will look for themselves, using the teacher’s prompting.

Advantages of the online course “Invent your own cars”:

– Development of creativity and creative thinking;
– The ability for parents to control and participate in the process;
– Clever and informative creative tips;

Together you will create amazing machines out of the things at hand. Your child will gain engineering skills by building cars, catapults, and mechanical hands, and the activities together will bring you and your little one closer together.

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