Creativity from pom-poms


Create interesting toys!
Learn the secret of creating interesting toys with your own hands. A very entertaining course will teach you how to make snowmen, octopuses, pandas and many more different toys from ordinary pompoms.
Develop with interest, give toys to friends and build collections. Everything in this course.


What does a child learn?

– To look for materials to make fakes.
– Make their own pompoms.
– Create pom-pom toys.
– Generate creative ideas.
– Create imaginative toys.

Pom-poms are thread products that are used as decor for clothing, toys, and interior decorations. Learn how to learn how to make pom-poms to create fun toys with your child.
In our online course, you, together with your kid will see how to make a pompom with your own hands from improvised materials. This creative process that develops creativity, patience and perseverance, which many children lack. The course will distract your child from gadgets and TV and give them new skills. Made toys out of pompoms with their own hands, you can use for games or decorating a child’s

Why choose the online course “Creativity from pom-poms”:

– Brain development and creative thinking;
– Fun and interesting online classes;
– Parental supervision;
– Democratic price.

To make a pom-pom toy, you don’t need expensive materials, everything you need can be found at home or at the nearest store. Help your children plunge into the world of needlework and creativity.


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