Cartoon art


A great collection of cartoon characters! You will be able to learn the principles of cartoon drawing, from the very basics to a huge selection of different cartoon characters and their heroes. You want to dive into the wonderful world of cartoons, learn how to create characters step by step and learn how to do it yourself.
This course will allow you to gain skills and create your own heroes.


What will a child learn?
– Choose materials and tools for creativity.
– The basic techniques and methods of drawing.
– Draw favorite cartoon characters.
– To create cartoons.
– To feel confident when doing creative work.

The fact that all children love cartoons is not even worth mentioning. Taking a pen, marker or pencil in their hands, they are constantly trying to draw their favorite characters. It’s good if one of the parents has a talent for drawing, and they can help and show the kid how to properly draw cartoon characters. And if not?

To help parents and their children will come to the experts our video courses that explain how to draw cartoons. Classes are held online, and parents can participate directly. The teacher is experienced in creating safe and inspiring online learning processes for children and is ready to help anyone who wants to develop creativity and creative abilities in their child.

In the online course, The Art of Cartooning:

– An Overview of Tools and Materials for Getting Started.
– Drawing Theory.
– How to learn how to draw cartoons. Detailed step-by-step lessons.
– A huge collection of cartoon characters.
– Lifehacks for kids and parents.

As a result of the training, the child will have his own album with his favorite characters drawn. He will master the principles of cartoon drawing, from the very basics to a huge selection of characters from different cartoons.

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