Cardboard and paper crafts


Layout for children is a fairy tale come to life. Houses, vehicles, animals and birds, trees and fairy tale characters are made of hard kraft cardboard and colored paper. All figures are stable and can be taken apart and reassembled. They can be played with! Everything is very sturdy, reliable, and beautiful, just like the architecture itself.




What will your child learn?
– Work with cardboard, paper, and glue.
– Think structurally and plan their actions.
– Assemble three-dimensional toys from flat parts.
– Decorate products, developing imagination.
– Create volumetric greeting cards.

We have recorded a creative online course for children from 8 years old, in which they will create crafts from paper and cardboard in 3D models. Modeling for children is primarily about developing the brain and fine motor skills. This is the age when future designers, architects and inventors are born creating models.

The course is designed for girls and boys who enjoy exploring new techniques and materials, as well as for parents who want to develop their children’s creativity and find a substitute for gadgets and cartoons. Training in modeling is based on examples of making toys and fairy tale characters. Children will find it interesting to create such models, and adults will help their little ones.

In the program of the course “Cardboard and paper crafts”:
– Introduction to the author and the curriculum.
– Overview of tools and materials.
– Step-by-step modeling of over 10 models of toys.
– Homework assignments for the most adventurous.

The aim of the course is to help children overcome their insecurities and learn to model independently. Several interesting and completely independent tasks await you during the training, which will help the child to become more confident and braver.

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